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Breathable Women's Ring

Classic Men's Ring
James Boles
Comfortable and safer

Love the light weight and comfort no worries about having skin torn off by metal ring if caught in something while moving.

Breathable Men's Ring
Stephanie Folk

I bought these for my husband. He’s not a jewelry person. But he likes these. It’s the only ring he will wear.

Beautiful and stays in place

Comfortable, unique and beautiful. I really like it.

Happy with the durable material!

I’ve gotten other silicone rings before that stretch out easily because they are made of thin flimsy material. These rings are great looking and strong!!

Classic Men's Ring

Printed & Breathable Men's Ring
Mike w/ DroneAir Images
Excellent fit, feel and color

Very pleased with the fit and quality of my silicone ring. Perfect for vacation and working with hands.

Strong and Durable - Easy Exchange

I like the exchange policy and it seems strong and Durable. My husband actually liked it turned inside out? We just decided to go with a different material for his ring.


Very comfortable and stylish ring. It’s a perfect fit and I can’t even feel when I have it on. Definitely a recommendation!

Nylon Sport Watch Band
John Schubert
It's ok.. it fits well but just wish the graphics were a little nicer

I wanted to wear this a couple weeks before posting a review. The band easily slipped onto my 42mm iWatch. It was easy to adjust to my wrist diameter. It's just when the band stretches it doesn't look the nicest. Also, if you wash your hands it's going to feel wet for a little while. I switched back to my metal mesh band after 2 weeks.

Great Rings

I have worn silicon rings for many years. Most have been plain single color rings that cost over $20 a piece. For that price, I received 4 multi color rings and a printed ring. They fit correctly and are very comfortable.

Love the rings!

The printed rings are beautiful and fit great!

Breathable Men's Ring
Nice silicone ring

I had to ask for a replacement at first because the ring was too big, but I got the replacement without a problem

This looks great

My boyfriend loved it. Fits wonderful and is lightweight.


very comfortable

Very good value

Worth the money

Great watch band

Great elastic watch band for Apple Watch 45mm. Fits as expected and work great. This is easy to use and also feels great to wear it.

Why didn't I find this sooner?

After wasting money on a second Enso ring not knowing about the 'lifetime' warranty if you pay for shipping I decided a different approach. I mean, it's just silicon ring! Sub $15 is pretty much the right price. Not $40+. Fits and feels the same (or better) than Enso.

Tip: flip inside out for comfort

This ring is soft and flexible. It is also a little stretchy, which is nice. The inside is grooved with a lattice pattern, and the outside is soft and satin smooth. The ring stays on well, but it grips onto the skin on top of my finger a little strongly and irritates it. However, I flipped it inside out, and it is perfect now! The soft surface is now inside and the lattice pattern is on the outside and looks unique. Love it with this change so far.PS - Be sure to buy a half size under your real ring size so it will fit properly.

Best ring ever!!

My husband bought a silicone band from a jewelry store and it broke. This one is sturdy and wider. Great look and feel. Thank you.

Most Similar to the Name Brand

Have been using the GL brand for years and I broke it over the holiday. They offer FREE replacement but it would not be delivered for over a week... So, I bought this as a back-up until the other arrived. This ring came the next day... and have had it on for over a week. The replacement GL ring arrived today and I am astonished at how similar they are. Perfect breathability. Excellent comfort. It works. And... it is affordable. NOTE: I measured a 14 on the chart but all of my other rings are size 10. I ordered the 11 and it fits perfectly.

Breathable Men's Ring
Serra Beardsley

Great fit

Breathable Men's Ring
Donald E.Rhodes

To replace my 10kt gold diamond ring. Wanted a different look and something conservative.

Breathable Men's Ring
Kaitlyn Bachiller
Great quality

i’m a mechanic so i’ve been looking for something comfortable cheap and still good quality. this is perfect and so lightweight

Breathable Men's Ring
Denise K Carr

Husband loves it.